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Please read:
Certified Mold Inspectors Directory
Do It Yourself Building Mold Inspection
What is Rising Damp and How Does It Cause Mold Problems?
Nov. 23, 2011

How to Do Low-Cost Mold Sample Collection and Mold Laboratory Identification of Mold Species
     in Your Home, Condominium, Office, Workplace, or Other Commercial Building
Mold Testing Mold Lab Analysis
Mold In Water

For in depth help for mold inspection and mold testing, please visit these pages---

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For mold inspection, building mold inspection, mold inspector directory, mold remediation, and mold prevention for your real estate property anywhere in USA, Canada, Asia, Europe, or worldwide, please contact mold consultants Phillip Fry and Divine Fry by email or by phone Phillip Toll-Free 1-866-300-1616 USA and Canada, or Phillip's cell phone # 1-480-310-7970.

Toxic Mold Inspection, Building Mold Inspection, Black Mold Inspection, Sampling & Testing
Please read the how-to mold testing article, and the feature article How To Do Bulk Physical Mold Sampling.

Black toxic mold inspection, mold sampling, and mold testing requires the complete mold inspection and mold testing for both visible and hidden toxic black mold and household mold growth everywhere inside the home, apartment, condo, office, or commercial property for the presence of water problems, higher than normal levels of mold spores, and/or serious levels of mold infestation or mold contamination.


First Step of Certified Mold Inspection


The first step is to hire a qualified, trained, and experienced Certified Mold Inspector [C.M.I].  Or do your own mold inspection following the thorough directions provided in mold expert Phillip Fry's ebook Do-It-Yourself Mold Prevention, Inspection, Testing, and Remediation..


Second Step of Certified Mold Inspection

The second step is for either the Certified Mold Inspector or you, as the property owner, manager, or occupant, is to do a thorough physical examination of the house or other real estate building for evidence of water problems and both visible and hidden mold growth infestation and mold problems.

The following areas need to be checked in your mold inspection---

  1. Do any of the home residents or building occupants suffer from any of the most frequent general mold health symptoms listed at Top 100 Mold Symptoms? If so, you need to be very thorough in both mold inspection and mold testing of the home and workplaces of the residents to find the possible mold cause of occupant health problems. 

  2. Shrubs, trees, and other plants growing close to the home or building. Too many trees too close to the building protect mold growth from the killing effect of ultraviolet sun light. In addition, dead leaves and plants provide food to enable mold to grow; growing mold creates airborne mold spores to enter the building through open windows and doors.

  3. Is the land around the building sloping away from the building [thus carrying rainfall and snow melt away from the building] or toward the building [thus bringing excess water to the building and causing possible water intrusion into the building's foundation, concrete slabs, and basement walls]?

  4. Is the roof in good repair, such as good shingles and no cracks or holes in flashings around plumbing vent pipes, & air conditioning units.

  5. In the attic, are their water stains or mold growth on the under side of the roof decking, the roof joists, the attic floor, and on and beneath insulation? Mold cannot eat fiberglass insulation, but it can eat the paper backing of such insulation, and mold can also eat and grow on organic dirt deposited onto the fiberglass strands. 

  6. Are there physical signs or evidence of water intrusion or mold growth anywhere in water-oriented rooms such as bathrooms, the kitchen, and the laundry room? Be very thorough in inspecting and testing for bathroom mold, kitchen mold, utility room mold, and laundry room mold.

  7. Are their water stains, water damage areas, or suspicious discolorations of any other rooms' ceilings, walls, floors, and furniture that would indicate the need to test for ceiling mold, wall mold, floor mold, living room mold, closet mold, dining room mold, bedroom mold, or, in other areas, attic mold, crawl space mold, basement mold,

    storage room mold, or garage mold?

  8. Is there hidden water moisture inside wall cavities, beneath floors, above ceilings, or behind ceramic tiles of bathroom walls, tubs and showers? Your Certified Mold Inspector will use his or her Hidden Moisture Meter to test non-invasively (no holes required) such surfaces. 

  9. Has the property ever experienced roof leaks, water leaks, floods, or other water problems and water intrusions? If so, pay particular attention to inspecting and mold testing building areas that experienced such past or present water intrusions. Your Certified Mold Inspector can use his or her fiber optics inspection device to inspect for mold growth and water problems inside walls, above ceilings, and beneath floors.

  10. Is the humidity level of the crawl space, basement, attic, or any room of the building higher than sixty percent [60%] humidity? Humidity levels above 60 to 70% in any area of the home can provide sufficient moisture to enable mold to grow. Your Certified Mold Inspector will use a digital hygrometer to test each area of your home or building.

  11. Are there elevated levels of unhealthy mold spores in the air of the attic, crawl space, basement, and the various rooms of the home or other building? Are the levels of mold spores indoors greater than outside levels, and/or different as to the types of mold species present? Your Certified Mold Inspector will use use a variety of mold testing techniques to collect mold air samples both indoors and outdoors [called outdoor control test]. The various best mold sampling techniques and technologies are: 

    (a) mold culture plates upon which airborne mold settles onto after stirring up the air in the room with a disinfected fan for 15 minutes to 30 minutes; 

    (b) controlled air testing impactors that use an air pump to draw in and impact airborne mold spores onto the sticky surface of a mold culture plate;

    (c) direct sampling of visually-noticeable mold growth through scraping of the suspect mold substance into a mold culture plate, or Scotch tape lift tape sampling, or actually cutting and saving a piece of what the suspect mold is growing on or in such as drywall, wood, carpeting, etc.

  12. Is there mold contamination inside the building's heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system [hvac], and/or hvac ducts? Your Certified Mold Inspector will tape mold culture plates [sticky surface facing inward] onto at least one air supply register grill of each zone of your hvac system, and then run the hvac system for 15 minutes to impact possible mold infestation spores onto the sticky surface of the mold culture plates. You can do the same test by using lift tape sampling to take samples from just inside each heating/cooling duct register.

  13. Have your collected mold samples grown for 5 to 7 days and then accurately identified as to mold species and mold colony counts by Mold Growth LabGrowing the mold samples is called viable mold lab analysis, which will let you know whether the collected mold samples are of live mold spores (the only ones that will grow) or dead spores (no growth). Alternatively, you can use direct lab analysis with no growth required. Direct analysis is quick (2 to 3 days) and lets you know not only living but dead mold spore counts.  Even the smell of dead mold can make mold-sensitive people sick.

    For more information on mold inspection, please visit the following pages---

    [Rising Damp and Mold] [Mold Testing] [Find-Hidden-Mold] [Washington-State-Mold-Disclosure] [Mold Signs Clues] [Certified-Mold-Inspector] [Mold-Inspection-Clause] [Air-Conditioning-Mold-Test] [Carpet & Mold] [Church-Mold] [Condominium Mold] [Employer Mold] [Fire & Flood] [Hurricane Mold] [Manufactured Home] [Mold Inside Wall] [Mold Photo] [Mold Protocol] [New Home Mold] [Pre-Purchase Mold Test] [Rental Home Apartment] [Wall-Mold-Inspection] [Ceiling-Mold-Problem] [Siding Mold] [Gutter-Mold-Problem] [Toxic Mold Inspector] [Moldy-Home-Appraisal] [Sick-Building-Mold] [Most-Homes-Moldy] [Hot-Tub-Spa-Mold] [Indoor-Plant-Mold] [Kitchen-Mold] [Garage-Stachybotrys-Mold] [Concrete-Slab-Floor-Mold] [Plumbing-Leak-Mold] [Window-Mold] [Retail-Store-Mold] [Furniture-Furnishings-Mold] [Wood-Rot-Mold] [Hidden-Concealed-Mold] [Mold in Water] [Masonry Water Seepage Mold]

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