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How to Do Low-Cost Mold Sample Collection and Mold Laboratory Identification
of Mold Species Growing in Your Home, Condominium, Office, Workplace, or Other Commercial Building

Although any mold in elevated levels indoors can cause severe health problems for mold-sensitive occupants, several toxic molds such as Stachybotrys, Aspergillus, and Penicillium pose far greater health risks than others, according to mold consultant Phillip Fry, Certified Mold Inspector and author of the book Mold Health Guide.
Thus, many homeowners, rental property owners, tenants, employers, and employees in the USA, Canada, Asia, and worldwide want to know, and need to know, the precise identities of the various mold species that may be infesting their home, apartment, office, or workplace.

The accurate identification of mold species requires two steps: (1) physical collection of mold samples from the building being mold tested; and (2) mold laboratory analysis and mold species identification of the collected mold samples.

You can collect your own mold samples by using lift tape sampling, an easy, practically-free (except for the cost of the Scotch tape), and an effective way to do mold sampling when you---
 (1) Can see mold growing on a wall, ceiling, floor, carpeting, furniture, heating/cooling duct register, or other surface;
 (2) Want to know whether a particular stain, discoloration, or mystery substance on the wall or another surface is actually mold growth; and/or
 (3) Smell mold
(the digestive gas emitted by mold eating the home or building) and want to test a number of surfaces upon which elevated levels of airborne mold spores may have landed or been deposited, such as on walls, window sills, window and door trim, refrigerator top, kitchen cabinet tops, undusted furniture, heating/cooling duct registers, and the return air filter in the heating/cooling system.

Follow these easy steps for do-it-yourself mold sample collection---

 (1) Use inexpensive, transparent, sticky, one inch wide adhesive tape, such as Scotch® brand tape, cut into three inch long strips to collect the mold samples.
 (2) Record each lift tape sample collected onto the EnviroFry
Chain of Custody Lab Form.
 (3) Provide the complete information on the Chain of Custody form, including, but not limited to, the precise lift tape sampling location (such as “master bedroom dresser surface ”,  “kitchen counter”, “west wall of guest bedroom”, “living room carpeting in middle of room”).
 (4) You can either take an immediate lift tape sampling at each location (“snapshot”), or clean the horizontal or vertical surface with denatured or rubbing alcohol 24 hours prior to testing to get a 24 hour mold deposits/landings in the subsequent 24 hours on the test location prior to taking the lift tape sampling, or do both a snapshot and 24 hour test of the same testing location. Do the snapshot testing first, before cleaning the surface with alcohol. For a 24 hour test, after cleaning with alcohol, wipe the cleaned surface with a paper towel or clean rag to make sure that the surface is completely dry.  Taking a 24 hour time period test is very useful in determining the total mold exposure being experienced daily by residents or occupants of that particular tested room or area.
(5) Some of the best horizontal locations to do a lift tape sampling on either a snapshot basis or a 24 hour test basis (or use both methods at each location---a very beneficial way to conduct your mold testing) are: a horizontal, hard surface such as a table top, counter top, appliance top, TV/stereo top, fireplace mantle, exposed window sill, or a hard-surfaced floor in each room you wish to mold test. You can even do a sampling of a carpeted or rug area by pressing the sampling tape very firmly and deeply into the carpet or rug pile to collect any mold spores deposited therein. Sampling a horizontal surface will enable you to collect mold spores that have been deposited/landed on each lift tape location.
(6) You can also do lift tape sampling of vertical surfaces such as walls or the sides of furniture or the inside side walls of heating/cooling ducts.. It is especially important to take lift tape samplings on all wall surface areas that have likely-to-be-mold visible dark or colored areas or biological growths of any kind.
(7) You should definitely take lift tape samplings of the inside (back side) of each air conditioning register grill (remove the grill, if possible, to have full access for lift tape sampling). You should also do a lift tape sampling of an inside side wall, just inside (behind) the register. If the home or building is mold infested, so will be the heating and air conditioning ducts and equipment. Mold-infested hvac (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) ducts and equipment continually distribute elevated levels of airborne mold spores throughout the home or building, and thus causing widespread mold cross contamination. You can also do a 24 hour test of a hvac system by putting a lift tape onto the front of the grill so that most of the sticky surface is exposed to the outward air flow coming out of the register. Then run the heating/cooling system for 24 hours (with the hvac system’s operation automatically controlled by setting the thermostat at the normal temperature you heat or cool your home or building).
(8) While wearing rubber gloves and a 3M brand breathing respirator mask (with organic vapor filters) or a low-cost N-95 breathing mask (available at most pharmacies, safety stores, and hardware stores) from the local hardware or home improvement store, press the tape strip firmly (sticky side down) onto the visible mold growth or onto the suspect surface being tested.
(9) Remove (peel back) the tape from the surface.

(10) Then, attach the tape (sticky side containing the possible mold samplings downward) onto a non-stick plastic food wrapping paper such as “Saran Wrap”.
 (11) Put the collected mold sample into a small ziplock bag (one bag per mold sample analyzed). Close (zip shut) the ziplock bag completely. Tape it shut if necessary to make sure no airborne mold spores can escape.
 (12) Attach to the outside of the ziplock bag a large adhesive label with the tester’s name, date of sampling, property address, the precise testing location at that address (e.g., “air conditioning duct register in living room”), testing method (“lift tape sampling”), and the name, postal address, email address, phone number, fax number (if any), and email address of the person submitting the sample to our mold analysis lab

 (13). Mail or express the collected lift tape samples, along with your completed Chain of Custody form to our lab, one of the nation's best environmental analysis lab, to the mold analysis laboratory for mold species identification and quantification. You will receive by email the postal mailing address of our lab closest to you (along with the necessary lab fee payment receipt) when you have paid the mold analysis fee at Mold Mart

(14) The mold lab analysis results will be ready in about 3 to 5 working days after the lab’s receipt of your submitted samples. You will receive the results in a comprehensive lab analysis emailed to you.

(15) If you have any question of any kind as to how to take, process, or submit your lift tape samples, please email Phillip Fry, or phone Phillip Toll-Free 1-866-300-1616.

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