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Mold Legal Liability

Virginia law on landlord mold moves toward passage 2/9/15

If a home or other building has a mold infestation problem, there is a potential legal liability, such as liability by a real estate seller and/or real estate broker and agent to a buyer, or by a home builder to the new home buyer, or by a landlord to a tenant, or by an employer to employees, or by a school to its faculty, other employees, and students.  Learn about mold legal liability by reading these mold legal information pages.

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Mold Growth Lab
Grow, count, and identify only living mold spores in your self-collected Mold Growth Lab surface samples, air samples, and bulk physical samples worldwide, both before and after mold remediation with mold growth Petri lab dishes from Mold Growth Lab.
Mold Growth Lab provides you with easy-to-follow mold testing steps to use both Mold Growth Lab surface samplers and Petri lab dishes to collect possible mold growth on any surface, in room air, in the outward air flow from heating/cooling air ducts, and on mold growth on building material physical specimens.
You can self-observe the lab dishes for 7 days to know: (1) is it mold? (2) is the mold alive? (3) how many mold colonies grew in the 7 day observation period.  Only living mold spores will grow in the special mold food habitat inside the Petri lab dishes. Each living mold spore will grow a separate, distinguishable, countable, and identifiable mold colony. Dead mold spores will grow NO mold colonies.
After the 7 day culture growth time period, each lab dish can be analyzed by our partner mold analysis lab to identify and quantify the mold colonies that have grown during that 7 days, and then provide a written report with such mold species identification and quantification.

For more information on mold inspection and mold lab analysis, email Phillip Fry or phone toll-free 866-300-1616 or cell phone 480-310-7970 or visit

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