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OHSA Workplace Mold   To read news articles
on workplace mold problems, visit: Mold-At-Work and Workplace Mold.
Also visit:
Employer Liability and Asthma Health Problems Q & A , Workplace Q & A, Workplace-Mold-OHSA,
Employer Mold Problems
Adult-Onset Asthma from Workplace Mold Exposure. “The present [health study] results provide new evidence of the relation between workplace exposure to indoor molds and development of asthma in adulthood. Our findings suggest that indoor mold problems constitute an important occupational health hazard,” reported the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, in Environmental Health Perspectives, May, 2002. The Finnish workplace mold study estimated that the percentage of adult-onset asthma attributable to workplace mold exposure to be 35.1%
Read Asthma Home Remedies

Employer & Workplace Mold Problems

           Q. I worked with two others in a third floor office that had been vacant for 9 years and was not made occupancy ready. This was in a building that was primarily unoccupied. This three-story building had a water leak for several years and was moldy smelling with visible mold on the ceiling tiles. I was the first employee in this new office. From the first day (October 1, 2003) I did not feel well. I experienced rashes on my face, fatigue, and repeat sinus infections. On December 31st I became very sick with what I thought, at the time, was the flu. January 13th, 2004 we attempted to use the heat for the first time. There was an immediate burning odor emanating from the ducts, which very rapidly worsened. Within 10 minutes we had the heat off and vacated the office. All three of us were ill. I had a severe headache, burning eyes and nose, metallic taste in my mouth, and nausea. I was not able to eat for a couple of days after this incident. Two days after the incident I saw my allergist. He felt I had been exposed to a strong irritant and put me on antibiotics.  After this happened the office was tested and cleaned. We were eventually told the "transformer was defective and burnt out the power strip". That was the burning odor. Each time we attempted to work from the office we became sicker. The worker compensation doctor's recommendations were not followed. A second company was brought in to perform additional testing  and to make cleaning recommendations. The building manager conveyed that they had even tested around the windows because of the pigeons roosting there and it was fine. The rugs were then cleaned, an antimicrobial coating was put in the ducts, and hospital air scrubbers were brought in for two weeks. The post testing report was released to my manager. It showed Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Alternaria, and Penicillium molds in the building. The air samples in my office were taken by the air scrubber and showed 0 molds. The pre-testing report has never been released. At the end of April we were instructed to return to the office to work. I continued working for two weeks. During this time the headaches became so severe that even taking the maximum dose of the antibiotics did not help. My cognitive processing was continually worsening as well as my short term memory abilities. The pressure in my head went from the back of my neck to my forehead. It felt as if I was in a vise. My glands were also swollen and turning my head was difficult. This pressure has not completely gone away even though I have been out of the building since May 14th, 2004. In addition I have been experiencing arthritis like symptoms in my hands since last spring, constantly have sinus problems, some coughing, and several more sinus infections. I found an allergist who knew some about mold exposure. Based on the building report he ordered blood work on myself. The abnormal levels detected were: cladosporium IgG 1678, aspergillus IgG 3312, penicillium IgG 4693, penicillium major ant 56, and alternaria IgG 3801, alternaria IGM 1994. (Only the molds identified in the report were tested for.)  My aspergillus IgE was 43. If I understood the doctor correctly this would only be a problem if it was over 50. He did not recommend treatment other than considering allergy shots. I did have a chest x-ray that stated: mild chronic obstructive pulmonary disease without acute superimposed disease. Are there other tests I should have received? How concerned should I be about this exposure and it's effects? I have not been able to locate a doctor who is experienced in this type of exposure. Is there a directory of physicians who know what molds can do or can you provide me some names of doctors?
         A. Although I cannot provide to you doctor names, you can learn all about available mold medical diagnosis and treatment procedures in the 2012 edition of the  in-depth ebook Mold Health Guide. Your health problems may well be related to continued exposure to mold infestation at work. The reported molds in your workplace and in your body are very health-damaging molds. Most mold remediators do an inferior job of mold remediation due to shortcuts taken and to the poor training of employees. Learn the ten steps for safe and effective mold remediation. You and your associates should do your own mold testing of your office area [using our do it yourself mold test kits available from our online mold products catalog] to learn the current mold truth and status about your work environment. Be sure to do mold testing of the air of each room and of the outward air flow from each heating/cooling duct for the possible presence of elevated levels of airborne mold spores, in comparison to an outdoor mold control test. The reported molds in your workplace can cause severe health problems for office employees and visitors. You would also be wise to mold test your entire home, which may have become mold cross contaminated from mold spores transferred from your job to your home on your skin, hair, shoes, and clothing.  Also, please visit workplace mold for more information and help for mold at work.

           Q. My workplace consists of modular sections placed approximately 3-4 feet above dirt and for the most part sealed off from the elements, ventilation below is minimal and dank. There are plenty of obvious physical signs of water damage and mold inside the building to include mushroom like fungi growths plus a poor hvac system. This structure is probably 20 years old and very neglected. The employees have all the signs and symptoms of  the "sick building syndrome". Does mold produce airborne pollutants?

           A. Workplace mold growth produces airborne mold spores to spread mold contamination, with the consequence of making workers very sick---the people who breathe in elevated levels of airborne mold spores. Toxic mold also create mycotoxins which are highly poisonous. Mold from the crawl space beneath your modular sections can easily grow into the insides of the floors and walls above. In addition, airborne mold spores from beneath the structure and from other mold growth areas can travel in air currents to mold cross contaminate your entire workplace and its heating/cooling equipment and ducts. Workplace mold contamination is usually a violation of most state's occupational health and safety administration laws. Because most employers don't care about worker health problems arising from mold infestation, your first job is to pay for your own mold testing with do it yourself mold test kits from a large hardware, home improvement, or safety store.  Become your own effective mold expert to improve your personal home or apartment environmental safety and/or the environmental health of your investment properties by reading all five of our mold advice, email delivered books described above on this page.

         Q. I have a question about mold in a restaurant. I have had a lot of medical problems since I have started to work for this company, (coughing, Bronchitis, runny nose, tired all the time, headaches, sick to my stomach). I been to doctors and they don't know why I am sick all the time. Well, the other day while I was at work I had to have an electrician come out and him and I went into the attic, mold everywhere. I need to know what to do? For my employees and my own safety?
     A. Attic mold can easily grow into the ceilings and walls beneath. In addition, airborne mold spores from the attic mold can travel in air current movements to mold cross-contaminate the entire house and its heating/cooling system. For these reasons, the entire restaurant building needs to be carefully inspected and mold tested by a Certified Mold Inspector. Your health problems may well be mold-related. You should also mold test your home with do it yourself mold test kits. Your first and most affordable home mold investigative step to learn the severity and the extent of the possible mold infestation is to use our do it yourself mold test kits [self observation of results over a 5 to 7 day time period, or send in for mold lab analysis] to mold test the air of each room, attic, basement, crawl space, and the outward air flow from each heating/cooling duct register for the possible presence of elevated levels of airborne mold spores, in comparison to an outdoor mold control test which you should also do. If you see any visible mold growth, from each moldy area, scrape some of the mold particles into a separate mold test kit per testing location for observation over a 5 to 7 day time period, and/or for mold lab analysis. When scraping mold into a test kit, you would be wise to use a breathing air respirator [Home Depot or Lowe’s or a safety store] so that you don’t breathe in extra mold spores that you put into the air by scraping some mold-like substances into each mold test kit.   Mold test kits come with detailed use instructions to make your tests informative and helpful in mold problem diagnosis.  Learn how to do your own, self-observation analysis of mold test kits results at Mold Test Kit Interpretation. You can also read online the copyrighted form “Self-Analysis & Interpretation of Visible Mold Growth in Do-It-Yourself Mold Test kits.”  Buy mold test kits. Learn the steps required for safe and effective mold remediation.  Please note that workplace mold contamination is usually considered a safety violation of most state's Occupational Health and Safety Administration laws and regulations.   
Visit mold at work.   

Q. I work in a basement... part of it has carpet that over the last couple of years not only has been wet several times and allowed to just "dry out", sewage has overflowed on the carpet about 6 months ago and nothing was done about that either. I stay sick with sinus and throat infections that's gotten worse over the last few months, I keep asking my employer to get the carpet out, but they haven't done anything yet,,,,,, How dangerous, health wise is this for me? Can other problems arise besides the infections? If I hand over "proof" to my employers maybe they'll do something??! Please Help

        A. Your first step should be to use do it yourself mold test kits to mold test the air in your office, plus the airflow out of your office's heating/cooling duct registers. What you are testing for is the possible elevated level of airborne mold spores, especially in comparison to an outdoor control test, which if present, would indicate a likely serious mold infestation problem. The existence of carpet that was left wet more than 24 hours and sewage spills guarantees that you are living in mold filth, very much to the detriment of your health. You should learn more about mold health problems by visiting the mold health section. Once you have received the mold lab test results, if those results document a mold problem in your work place, you should send a certified letter [with a copy of the mold lab results] to your employer demanding to work elsewhere in a mold-safe work environment until your work area has been professionally mold inspected, tested, and remediated. Learn what is recommended for effective mold removal. If you have a mold problem that your employer refuses to take care of, please note that it is a safety violation [as to most states' Occupational Health and Safety Administration, OHSA] for an employer to have workers working in a mold-contaminated work place. Visit mold at work.
Q. I have recently become aware of mold in a building in which I work. The type of building I work in is a double wide. The mold was found on the right side of the building, I work in the left. It has been near the vents and has just started growing on the tables in one of the rooms. We share the same air conditioning vent throughout the entire building. Some days, it is very humid in my building. Is this dangerous to all employees of the building? Also, I am 25 weeks pregnant. Can the mold in the other side of the building harm me or my unborn child?

A. Living or working in a mold contaminated area can cause birth defects and miscarriages. In view of the serious mold problem at work, you ought to seriously consider asking your employer to provide you with a mold-safe place to work for the remainder of your pregnancy. Of course, your health and the health of your associates is in jeopardy by working in a moldy building. You should insist in writing by certified mail to your immediate supervisor that the entire building and its heating/cooling equipment and ducts be inspected and mold tested by a Certified Mold Inspector. If your employer is lax about complying, you can do your own mold testing of the rooms' air and of the outward air flow from heating/cooling ducts using do it yourself mold test kits from a large hardware or home improvement store.. Requiring workers to work in a mold-contaminated workplace is usually considered to be a violation of the safety laws enforced by most states' Occupational Health and Safety Administration [OHSA]. If your employer takes no action for effective mold inspection, testing, and remediation, with safe work place alternative for you during mold remediation, consider filing a complaint with your state's OHSA. You can also hire an environmental attorney to pursue your legal rights against your employer. Visit mold at work.

        Q. My mother works for a company and sometimes has to open up freight which comes from other countries.  Every time she opens these boxes she has gotten sick.  The first 2 times she was having trouble breathing, tightness to the chest, etc. After she got sick the last time she didn't open any more freight until last Tuesday.  After she got home that day from work she was talking on the phone to my sister and just all of a sudden started coughing and spitting up large amounts of blood.  Her room mate took her to the emergency room and the doctors had no idea what was going on.  Her white blood cell count was very high.  At one point they put her in ICU so a nurse could watch her closely.  They did a brachialoscopy and found blood clots.  My mother told them what she suspected it was, but nobody seems to believe her.  They went back in 2 days ago for another brachialscopy and flushed out her lungs.  Is there a chance that there is some kind of mold that is in the cardboard boxes when being shipped to this company?
It is very possible that mold contamination can be present in either the merchandise or business inventory or in the shipping containers in which the merchandise or inventory items were shipped.. Mold is a big world-wide problem. When containers are shipped via ocean cargo ships, the contents are exposed to high humidity air [from the ocean] which can encourage mold growth. Regardless of the causes of the mold problems, it would be wise for your mother's company to pay for environmental, microbiological, and mold testing of any merchandise or shipping containers that cause health problems for your mother to help identify the causes of your mother's medical problems, whether those causes are mold spores, bacteria, or viruses. Use do it yourself mold test kits to test merchandise and containers.  Even more basic, is there a safer place for your mother to work, either at her current work place, or by getting another job [easier said than done in today's tough job market]?

                                 Photograph of mold growing in a city hall government office.
            Photo of water damage and mold growth in the office ceiling of a city government building.

Mold Victim Rights Association
Are you a MOLD VICTIM because you are:
1. Working in a moldy workplace?
2. Renting a moldy rental house, apartment, condo, office, or commercial building?
3. Sick from staying in a moldy hotel, motel, or resort room?
4. Living in a moldy home purchased from a seller or new home builder who failed to disclose known mold infestations?
5. Having a water intrusion or mold damage problem caused by an adjoining condominium, co-op apartment, or your home owners association?
6. Making mortgage payments to a lender for a moldy house, condo, or commercial building?
7. Being unable to pay for needed mold remediation because your insurance company has wrongfully denied your water or mold damage insurance claim?
8. Living or working in a moldy house or building that was improperly or incompletely mold remediated by a mold remediation company?
9. Sick from living or working in a building water and mold damaged by a negligent building contractor such as a roofing, plumbing, or air conditioning company?
10. Attending school or teaching or working in a school that is mold-infested?

Get mold justice by joining the Mold Victim Rights Association. For help, phone executive director Phillip Fry toll-free 1-866-300-1616, cell phone (480) 310-7970, or email

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