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This Chain of Custody is the mold laboratory form that is completed by the mold tester (occupant, tenant, property owner, landlord, employer,
or other concerned party), who collects the mold samples and records the details of each mold sampling on this form. This form also serves to document both the transfer of custody of the mold samplings directly from the tester to the mold lab, and the rec
eipt of the samples by the lab.
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Please read "How To Do Your Own Mold Testing", written by Phillip Fry. Please pay for and get your Lab Fee Payment Receipt by phoning your credit or debit card details to Phillip Fry Toll-Free 1-866-300-1616 Monday through Saturday, or by using your credit or debit card on the PayPal payment link, or by mailing your check or money order payable to EnviroFry, 10104 Sheridan Road, Montrose Michigan 48457, U.S.A. The certified and accredited mold lab analysis fee is only $35 for each submitted mold sample. Record the building locations and details
of your collected mold samples onto this EnviroFry
"Chain of Custody" lab form below, which you then mail (priority or first class mail) or FedEx to the certified and accredited mold analysis lab at the lab address specified and included on your Lab Fee Payment Receipt, along with lab fee receipt and your do-it-yourself Scotch tape lift samples, Petri dish mold test kits, and/or physical mold growth samples ("bulk samples").

 Tester’s name  ________________________________________________________________________________________

Client name __________________________________________________________________________________________

Client mailing address:_________________________________________________________________________________


Daytime Phone: (________) ____________________  Email:_________________________________________________

Date of sampling____________________ Sampling address__________________________________________________



Sample Number

Specific Mold Sampling Location

 Sample Type
1. Lift Tape
2. Petri Dish
3. Bulk Sample